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FHS Beliefs

  1. We believe that people are the most important part of our programs.
  2. We believe in an activity program that balances the rigor of academic eligibility with activity participation.
  3. We believe that activities can teach participants how to manage time, balance obligations, and prioritize tasks, as well as how to handle adversity and success.
  4. We believe in multi-activity participation and realize tradeoffs exist when conflicts arise.
  5. We believe that activities participation helps foster social traits such as loyalty, cooperation, selflessness and leadership.
  6. We believe that participation is a privilege, not a right.
  7. We believe in the highest standard of sportsmanship and ethical conduct.
  8. We believe that activities should challenge students to push themselves to their potential.
  9. We believe in respecting diversity among people.
  10. We believe in promoting a positive image of Flathead High School for our community.