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FHS Honor Roll

 Flathead High School
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Honor Roll
4.0 Orange F
The FHS Honor Roll is based on a semester GPA of 3.50 to 4.00.  The GPA is computed utilizing all classes with the exception of teacher aide.  A failing "F" is computed into the GPA.  Students must be enrolled in at least four academic classes to qualify for the honor roll.
Students who earn the first  4.00 GPA receive an orange school letter "F".  Each semester a students receives a 4.00 GPA thereafter, the student will receive an Academic Achievement certificate and a pin.  If a student earns a 4.00 GPA from the first semester of 9th grade through the 1st semester of 12th grade (seven consecutive semesters), that student will receive a white school letter "F".  To be eligible for this recognition, students must have earned a 4.00 average while carrying at least four academic classes at FHS during each semester.