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Foreign Exchange Program Information

Kalispell Public Schools
Foreign Exchange Program Information 
Download a copy of the Foreign Exchange Policy 3145 and 3145P form in .pdf format.
  1. All applications should be submitted to Flathead High School, Attn: Michele Paine, 644 4th Avenue West, Kalispell, MT 59901. Applications must be submitted by May 15th to be considered for fall enrollment.
  2. The sponsoring organization must use the Request for Placement form as the cover page to their packet.
  3. Organizations will be notified of student placement status soon after review of all applications, general the first week of June.
Board Policy 3145 and 3145P
It is the policy of the Board to recognize the benefits from foreign exchange students in the District. The Board does not, however, sponsor foreign exchange programs. The District does not provide financial contributions to the student. The Board assumes no responsibility or control over items such as travel, living accommodations, funding, insurance, etc., which remain the responsibility of the sponsor and/or student.
J-1 visa holders (students sponsored by an approved foreign exchange organization) are eligible to attend either elementary or secondary school. Any sponsoring organization must have a local representative, be a nonprofit organization, and be approved by the Council on Standards for International Education Travel. F-1 visa holders (individual foreign students sponsored by relatives or friends) may not attend Kalispell Public Schools.
Admission Requirements
  1. Foreign exchange students must be eighteen (18) years of age or younger at the time of enrollment.
  2. Foreign exchange students must reside with a legal resident of the District. Limited exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the building administration.
  3. Foreign exchange student must have a sufficient knowledge of the English language to enable effective communication and to use the instructional materials and textbooks printed in English.
    1. An English proficiency test of the District’s own choosing may be administered and will supersede all other tests. 
    2. If an organization places a student who, upon arrival, is deemed by the District to be deficient in English language proficiency, the organization will do one of the following:
      1. Terminate the student’s placement.
      2. Provide, and pay for, tutorial help until the student reaches proficiency, as determined by the District.
Academic Standards
  1. Foreign exchange students will be expected to meet all appropriate standards required of any student enrolled in the District.
  2. Foreign exchange students will not graduate from or receive a diploma from the High School, but they may participate in the ceremonies and receive an honorary certificate of attendance. Student Opportunities/Responsibilities 1. Foreign exchange students will be expected to enroll in the following academic classes while attending Flathead or Glacier High School:
    1. One (1) English class;
    2. One (1) United States history class or one (1) government class;
    3. Maintain enrollment in at least five (5) classes each semester
  3. Foreign exchange students are eligible to participate in the High School Activities Program. Guidelines for participation are set by District policy and by the Montana High School Association, as follows:
    1. RECOGNITION: The student must be a participant in an “official Foreign Exchange Program” as defined in the publication from the National Association of Secondary School Principals, entitled “Advisory List of International Educational Travel and Exchange Programs.”
    2. GRADUATION: The student cannot have graduated or received a diploma from his/her own country. Foreign exchange students are expected to pay all yearbook fees, lab fees, prom tickets, yearbook costs, athletic fees, cap and gown fees, lunch prices, and all other school incurred expenses that are expected of other students enrolled in the High School.
Foreign exchange students must maintain passing grades in all classes, follows rules and regulations of District student policies, and show satisfactory discipline and attendance. Failure to comply with these expectations shall result in dismissal of the student from the District’s Foreign Exchange Program.
The school encourages foreign exchange students to not enroll in a class that is in their native language.
Any organization seeking to place an exchange student within the school district must have prior approval of the program by the building principal. Exchange programs must adhere to CSIET guidelines.
The principal of the hosting school shall be notified by May 15th of the preceding school year of the intent to place an exchange student. No exchange student shall be enrolled as a student unless he or she has been approved by the building principal.
Exchange students must have J-I visa.
The number of exchange students per school will be set at one exchange student per 250 students or major fraction thereof.